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CodeRealm Corporation’s solutions provide accurate real-time sales and machine status information on-demand or automatically, impacting the vending machine service industry. Our solutions can help you manage and control your vending machine service, products, and repairs. Vending machine service includes route drivers, money collection, restocking merchandise, new labels for new products, and simple machine cleanliness. Vending machine maintenance and repairs assure proper operations and longevity. Vending machine product inventory and selection is one of the most important revenue factors. Keeping the right products, at the right place, at the right time, can maximize your vending machines’ revenue potential.

CodeRealm uses the Internet as its backbone to collect data from your vending machines in real-time and accurately. An Internet browser displays this valuable information through a CodeRealm Portal presented in various report-formats of your choosing. The availability of accurate sales information and vending machine status in real-time removes most of the guesswork from the vending machine service business.

Immediate information availability, at a reasonable cost, will allow operational efficiency previously impossible in the vending machine service business. The introduction of refrigeration had a very major impact on the proliferation and profitability of the vending machine service business; however, the magnitude and scope of the impact of information will dwarf that. Valuable information on demand will impact most or all aspects of the vending machine service business, allowing successful proliferation, scope, and speed previously unthinkable. CodeRealm Corporation can help you think the unthinkable and perform the impossible.

Demonstrating these affects on a range of aspects of the vending machine service business requires simplification. Converting all revenue and all costs into dollars per machine per day provides a single standard measure of performance.

The pages following this one depict a fictional vending machine company having nearly 1000 machines installed in a large metro-area involving over 350 locations. The company has just secured a contract for 100 new locations with adequate pedestrian traffic. The section on Tuning will track the activities related to a single machine at one location.

The machine is a model 1025 having 10 selections with up to 25 items per selection for a total capacity of 250 items. In this example the items are 12-ounce cans of beverage selling at $1 each. Other assumptions include a restock cycle of one week, product wholesale cost of $0.35, delivery cost of $0.04, and other product related costs of $0.16 per item, which include order labor, handling & storage, and administration, for a total product related cost of $0.55 per item.

Tuning the selection quantities to a particular machine location can increase revenue by $2 to $3 per machine per day. Tuning can increase revenue on a thousand machines by more than $1 million dollars per year!

Restock Timing is the key to keeping a properly tuned location producing very near its maximum revenue potential by reducing lost-sales and increasing the revenue per machine per day.

Intelligent location Routing is the way to maintain restock timing without excessive labor and vehicle costs, especially fuel.

Maintaining the vending machines reduces machine down time, prevents lost sales, and expensive machine repairs.

Your valuable information on demand in real time is the best Anti-Theft agent against the most costly and most difficult kind of theft to

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